Meteodyn signs with new distributor for Turkey!

Meteodyn, wind simulation software developer, now relies on a new distributor to expand its global network. The company Ucyel Enerji is in charge of meteodyn WT software sales in Turkey.

Ucyel Enerji is based in Ankara - Turkey and provides engineering consultancy services to develop renewable energy systems from resource to operation level.

We have found the perfect distributor for our software. Indeed, meteodyn WT computes wind resource for site suitability, wind farm design, wind farm production and energy optimization. Ucyel Enerji is specialized in site selection, wind resource analysis and project analysis. They have a good knowledge of CFD wind modeling and the advantages that can be taken of such analysis.

Meteodyn continues to develop its presence worldwide. The Turkish market‘s got a lot of capabilities and we want to make sure our customers can access to a high-quality service and training on site.

To start this cooperation, training on Meteodyn WT will be held 8th of July at ITU (ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - MASLAK ISTANBUL). Contact us for this special event: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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About Meteodyn
Headquartered in Nantes-France, Meteodyn operates offices in China, India, USA and New Caledonia.
For 10 years, Meteodyn has been the leading expert in wind engineering, CFD wind modeling software and climatology. Meteodyn wind energy software are already used by the major wind industries in the world. Meteodyn also provides a wide range of consulting services to develop profitable wind projects.

Media contact:
Delphine Pouzet
Ph: +33 (0) 240 710 505
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Üçyel Enerji Mühendislik ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri

Ucyel provides high quality independent engineering consultancy services to enable development of reliable renewable energy systems, especially wind and solar energy from resource to operation level. Our technical solutions and services include resource analysis and site studies, on site measurement, data collection, data analysis, pre feasibility report, feasibility report, system design, project management, installation and operation and maintenance.

Ucyel provides wind measurement equipment including 60 meters tubular tower, 60 meters lattice tower and 80 meters lattice tower with anemometer, wind vane, temperature, humidity sensor and pressure sensor and station installation, periodic station maintenance, data collection, monitoring, data analysis, preparation of license application file.

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